About pod Centre

Print on Demand (pod) Centre was established in 2002. Pod is a versatile one stop print service centre, located at The University of Queensland (UQ), St Lucia Campus. Pod is run and owned by UQ Press, offering printing services not only to UQ staff and students but also to the general public. Pod has been operating in the UQ Co-op Bookshop for several years.

We aim to offer efficient solutions allowing university students and staff access to high quality printing services. Merging the quality products and services provided in a commercial print environment, with the demands of a fast paced educational institution creating the perfect business to customer relationship. We understand the specific needs that are required within an educational environment as well as recognising the importance of maintaining a consistent and professional standard.

whereareweLocated at UQ - St Lucia Campus / Building 4, Staff Hosue Road (at the back of the Co-op Bookshop)

Printing from home can be more expensive than you realise; pod removes the hidden costs associated with printing at home, providing an easy and cheap alternative.


Why use pod Centre?

We're here to make your life easier, with a shift towards online content within educational institutions; we have designed an innovative new system called podExpress. PodExpress is a self-service facility allowing customers to access files on their USB, portable drives or online content for printing at pod. PodExpress allows students too quickly and easily access and print their online course materials at the touch of their finger.

Separating the low volume jobs from our high volume or labour intensive jobs allows us to offer a smarter, cheaper, and faster service.

For a full outline of our services, please click here or download our pricelist