UQ Staff Information

General Printing

Pod specialises in fast turn-around of your urgent documents, and we can assist you with a wide range of printing and binding requirements, such as flyers, brochures, reports, handbooks and more. See our services(link) page for more information on how we can help you.


Pod offers bulk discounting for departmental printing and we will send you a quote on request.

To obtain a quote you can contact us by phone or email or you can drop in to see us at the pod. In order to provide an accurate quote we will need information such as

  • the number of copies required,
  • the number of black and white pages
  • the number of colour pages
  • the type of paper required
  • single-sided or double-sided
  • page size
  • covers required
  • binding style

Payment is Easy

We bill via ISC, and will send you a RISQ along with any quote we do. All you need to do is fill out  your sections of the RISQ and return it to us.

Course Material

Pod produces preprinted and on demand course material for students. For every title that is submitted to us we provide one free copy to the library and one free copy to the originating academic.

We pride ourselves on producing a high quality product, and have set in place a number of quality control procedures to ensure that there are no errors in the production of your readers.

Due to the high demand for these items at semester start we print them in bulk and sell them through The Co-op Bookshop. From week two of semester readers can be ordered as demand prints if there is no stock left on the shelves in the Bookshop. Demand prints usually take around twenty minutes to produce, and can be ordered at the pod counter.

Course Notes Submission

If you would like to have your reader, workbook or lecture notes printed by pod for your students you can contact us by phone or email or you can drop in to see us at the pod.

To submit your course notes to pod please supply:

  • the originals - hard copy or pdf files are fine
  • your contact details.

If you supply a table of contents in Word format we can number all pages in the course material and add the numbering to the table of contents. We can also insert coloured paper into the course material to assist with navigation through the document.

We will check the copyright compliance of your content and produce a proof copy for you to check prior to production

Download the copyright form here

Custom Publishing

We can help you publish your teaching material as a text book – contact the pod manager for more information.