Thesis Printing

To submit a thesis for printing and / or binding you will need to fill out a thesis submission form – please see below to select the appropriate form.


NOTE: Please consult your course profile for correct printing and binding guidelines. Incorrect specifications could result in your thesis being rejected upon submission.


Self-Serve Printing

For printing your thesis on normal paper you can choose to print it via pod Express yourself to reduce costs. If you use a Word file we suggest that you check it carefully for repagination and reformatting when it is open on a pod terminal prior to printing it. If possible it is safer to print from a pdf file. Archival paper is not available with self-serve printing.


Pod serviced printing

If you require a pod staff member to print your thesis then you must provide it as a pdf. We recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat to create your pdf, as some of the free pdf creation programs can produce pdfs that perform unreliably when printed. We can accept postscript files if you are having trouble creating a pdf. You will need to fill out the appropriate form, carefully noting the pdf page numbers of all the pages that you want printed in colour, and of any pages that you want printed at A3 size.


Types of Binding Available

Fastback Thermal

Thermal Binding

  • Often referred to as Temporary Binding
  • Gold foil spine printing available
  • Can usually be done while you wait*
  • Choice of covers –clear front and leathergrain back/coloured printed card with UQ Crest on front





Comb Binding

Comb Binding

  • Can usually be done while you wait*
  • Check with your school whether this form of binding is acceptable






Hard Cover Binding


  • Often called Permanent Binding
  • Takes a week or longer depending on date of submission
  • Can be provided more urgently with an urgency fee and courier costs
  • Gold Foil printing on front cover and spine
  • We recommend the use of Acid Free Archival quality paper for the printing of a permanent thesis to avoid yellowing and deterioration of the paper over years.





The forms below are Acrobat digital forms which can be filled out using your computer. If you are having issues please download the form first (right click > save as) and open it in Acrobat rather than opening it directly in your browser window.

Temporary Thesis Form Permanent Thesis Form ITEE Thesis Form Permanent Thesis Cover Colours




*End of semester deadlines can cause queues for service at the pod – please allow a few hours for printing and binding to ensure that you don’t miss your deadline.